Monday, 11 October 2010

Silverlight screen does not reflect the changes done in the project

I recently formatted my system and installed software required for Silverlight 3 development. I am having the habit of using Google Chrome for my personal use.

So I made Google Chrome is the default browser for my Silverlight development while running the application. I was recently tried Silverlight Business Application development template for my project. The application shows perfectly for first three or four attempts, but after I was unable to see the changes I am doing in the XAML or C# code in the screen.
I got the following issue while using Google Chrome for Silverlight application.
1. When I run the application the execution starts and shows the result on the browser. But when I close the browser the execution on visual studio does not stop. I have to specifically Stop Debugging icon or Shift + F5 to stop the application.
2. I could not get the debugger facility. The breakpoint does not break the execution.
3. The changes on the code/xaml did not reflect in my screen, even any other change on the project does not reflect.
After some attempt I tried changing my browser to Internet Explorer, I got success getting the recent changes with debugger facility (breakpoint) on the code. It also stops the execution in visual studio and changing to development mode.

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