Thursday, 12 May 2011

Northwind database scripts for SQL Server, Oracle and mySQL

Most of the time we may come across Northwind database in the examples of demos. Instead of preparing a database, tables and required data to show the demo meaning fully, this database gives us a convenient way to reach our concepts easily.

I am even using Northwind database in most of my examples as backend database. But if someone don’t setup this database in their database server, here are the links and script files which will help you to create the database yourself.

Note: The files are not created by me. I download from the links provided (External link) and linked with uploaded folder. So all the credits goes to whoever worked on this script. Thanks to all of them.

Also, there might be a case the author have done some modifications in the script and updated the script file in the mentioned URL. Even though the script files are working fine, it would be better if you could check with the mentioned URL for latest script file.

For Microsoft SQL Server Database Server:
External link: Microsoft database download link
Internal link: SQL Server NorthwindDB.rar

For Oracle Database Server
External link :
Internal link : Oracle NorthwindDB.sql

For mySQL Database Server
External link :
Internal link : mySQL NorthwindDB.rar

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    friend hear north wind.employee table not data available

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