About Me


I am Thirumalai Muniswamy, working with an MNC in India. I work with ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Windows Azure and other Microsoft Products. I love working with latest technologies and help others to work with the same.

On my personal life, I born and brought up with agriculture background. I enjoy working in farming, and love to see the crops growing day by day – as how kids are growing at our home. We do rise, sugarcane, groundnut, silk warm, various dal etc.

I am blogging on this blog some implementations which I feel very interesting and will be useful for developers around the world. If anyone feel any of this post is confusing and required more explanations or any other queries, feel free to contact me on my mail. I will review the post and work on it for giving in much better way or blog a new post if required.

You can contact me on my mail id pm.thirumalai@gmail.com and join my twitter account at @thirumalai_pm

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